Prairie Paws

Website Campaign

Nestled in a saturated metropolitan area, Prairie Paws Adoption Center competes for adoptions with over 40 other shelters within a 25-mile radius. In need of adopters, a three-month website campaign was created to increase awareness of the shelter in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

WFAA Banners

This campaign was targeted to Pet Lovers ages 18-54 in the DFW area through WFAA Banners and WFAA partner banners.

  • 2,309 clicks
  • 0.11% CTR


This campaign was targeted to Pet Lovers 55 and older in the DFW area through WFAA Banners and WFAA partner banners.

  • 607 clicks
  • 0.11% CTR

 Waggin Wagon Banner
GeoFencing Banners

Waggin Wagon Ad

These banners were used to target people in specific areas who were online at the time of three different Waggin’ Wagon events.

Wagon at Petco

  • 208 clicks
  • 0.17% CTR

Wagon at Verizon Theater

  •  views
  • 273 clicks
  • 0.17% CTR

Wagon at PetSmart

  • 366 clicks
  • 0.19% CTR


Google Advertising

A short campaign for an adoption special on Google Search was also run a month after to target people in the area searching for “adoptable pets,” “dog adoptions,” “cat adoptions,” and other specific keywords.

prairie paws

The ads ran for only $60 for 10 days.

  • 7.87K impressions
  • 337 clicks


  • Website (landing page) views: 37,906
  • Increased rate of webpage views compared to the previous three months: 66%
  • Total adoptions: 522
  • Increased rate of adoptions compared to the same months as the previous year: 17%
  • Adoptions during the previous three months: 588
    • Note: In August, Prairie Paws took place in the “Clear the Shelters” national adoption day sponsored by NBC 5.

The campaign was successful in drawing adopters to the shelter and increasing awareness of the shelter. With a total of 66% more views on our website, and almost as many adoptions during the campaign length as the Clear the Shelters campaign, the website campaign completed the goal of website traffic, foot traffic and increasing adoption numbers.