Prairie Paws Valentines

These pictures were taken as part of a campaign to raise awareness of heartworm positive dogs available at Prairie Paws. The pictures were shared on social media, with over 100,000 views. This campaign also rolled into a free adoption event for Valentine’s Day. With 72 adoptable animals and more that were on a wait list, Prairie Paws adopted 90 animals during the campaign. All but one of the heartworm positive dogs were adopted.

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Facebook Posts

Facebook Ads

Ran  Feb. 4-16


  • 7,851 people reached
  • 1,761 “actions” taken


Google Ads

Ran  Feb. 4-16


  • 17.7K impressions
  • 139 clicks
  • CPC: $0.93

Total website views after running ads: 6,803

Other Ads:

Digital signs placed throughout the city – two outdoors, one at the Summit, one at City Hall and one at the courthouse.

50 flyers were also printed and placed in Starbucks, WholeFoods, movie theaters and given out at events held by Prairie Paws.