About Valerie

Marketing & Communications Professional

I’ve been in the marketing and communications field since 2015. I love learning about marketing because it’s always changing. What I learned a few years ago in college has already completely changed! I work really hard to stay updated in the field and love to inspire others with new ideas.

I believe marketing is a fun field that requires both logical and creative thinking. (Guess it’s a good thing my tests always come about 50-50 for left and right brain!)

”Marketing is complex because it strives to understand human beings and human beings are complex.”

I graduated from Texas Wesleyan University in 2015 with a Bachelors of Science in Mass Communication – PR/Adv. I have plans to continue my education with a master and doctorate degree after I do some more traveling.

But, I am much more…

I’m a Wanderer

I have traveled to Cambodia, Singapore, Thailand, Qatar and Amsterdam and am always seeking new trips on Groupon and Sky Scanner. I have my own travel blog!

I love to learn about culture. Learning about other parts of the world fuel my inspiration to always be better and continue to learn as much as I can.


A Taco Enthusiast

My favorite food is tacos – I even have #TacosForLife sign in my office. I love all kinds of tacos, from the crunchy shells to the real authentic corn tortillas. Pack them all with fish, shrimp, beef, chicken – doesn’t matter much to me!

So you’ll always know what I’m up to on Tuesday.

A Reading Advocate 

I spend my early Thursday mornings as a reading tutor for Fort Worth ISD. I’m a big believer in our education system and making sure our future generations are still reading during this age of technology.

An Animal Lover


During my time working for the city, I’ve been blessed with working with the animal shelter. I love being able to help get our homeless animals out of the shelter and into a loving home! Before my time with the city, I worked as a kennel tech at a veterinary and boarding facility. I rescued both my dogs, Bentley and Harvey, and have always had dogs and have owned a few cats.

I love all types of animals!

And An Outdoorsy Person

I spend my spare time outdoors hiking, biking, or doing fun runs. I’ve recently come into the running world and have done a few 5Ks. I love seeing the beauty of nature and usually like to focus my traveling on things that will get me to see nature.